Japanese Traditional Crafts NFT Project

Japanese Traditional Crafts NFT Project

about this project伝統工芸NFTプロジェクトとは?

The scope of this project is to bring traditional Japanese crafts closer to you. The NFTs of this project are linked to the real items of the Japanese traditional crafts. You can buy the traditional crafts through the NFT market. We also offer exclusive benefits for NFT holders. For some traditional crafts, you can get limited NFTs by exchanging them for the real thing. Please enjoy the reliable technology cultivated over a long history and its charm. A part of the traditional crafts have attractive features with unique character “one of a kind”. This character has a high affinity with NFTs. However, sometimes a high-cost with low-volume production character caused by “one of a kind” was considered as disadvantage. Few sales channels is a serious problem. We are going try to solve this problem by Cardano NFT market. We considered the value of traditional crafts from a scientific point of view. By redefining the value while discussing the reduction craftsmen and their attractiveness, we will convey the value of traditional crafts as clearly as possible. I'm here. NFT's exchange function with traditional crafts reserves inferior goods from being sold at high prices. This is also a regional revitalization challenge based on traditional crafts based on real products.

Policy ID of NFT of our project

what is indigo dyeing?藍染とは?

Aizome, also known as Japan Blue, is a represented Japanese traditional craft. Since indigo has insect repellent and antiseptic effects, it can be used as clothing for long-term use. In the past, it was widely spread throughout Edo. The “one-of-a-kind items” character is a great advantage of indigo dyeing products in addition to their beautiful artistry. Indigo dyeing is a high-quality product made by advanced dyeing techniques by craftsmen. In short, the dye used for indigo dyeing is in a “living” state. The state of the liquid changes depending on the temperature, humidity, period, etc. Indigo molecules have a low adhesion rate to the fabric, so the degree of dyeing varies greatly depending on the type of fabric. For these reasons, craftsmen repeat the dyeing process multiple times to adjust the finished color. The one-of-a-kind physical properties of indigo dye products continue even after the product is completed. Indigo molecules, which have weak chemical bonds, will mostly settle down over time, but they will fade slightly due to changes in humidity, rubbing, and ultraviolet light from sunlight during use.

indigo dyeing products

what is kyoto embroidery?京繍とは?

A Japanese “Kimono” is quite famous Japanese culture. A Kyoto embroidery “Kyo-nui” is a kind of Japanese embroidery for high-class decorate luxury kimonos. A kyo-nui has been handed down since ancient times. A deep and artistic tastes were produced by “kyo-nui” due to special character such as using 12 thin silk threads, a variety of embroidery, including a special technique called kawari-nushi, which overlaps threads. We have prepared a large collection of works that will make it easier for you to enjoy the charm of Kyoto embroidery with the cooperation of “Embroidery Inagaki”, which has formally certificated two traditional craftsmen. In addition, we are also creating collaborative works such as “cooperation of indigo dyeing and Kyoto embroidery” unique to this project. If you contact us directly, we also perform made-to-order production upon request. Please enjoy the traditional crafts of Kyoto, where you can feel the four seasons in a variety of ways, coloring the kimono culture that represents Japan. Also such kind of new market will encourage Kyo-nui culture and be strong support to continue Kimono culture in Japan.

kyoto embroidery products

how to purchase NFTsNFT購入方法

Please access to our NFT market onJpgstore. You can choose your favorite items on Jpgstore. The filters function will be useful find items. For example, Indigo Lunch Bag for Aizome lunch bags. If you want to filter for Aizome, please use category “Certified” and select Hiroshi Hayashi. If you want to filter “Kyo-nui” please use category “Certified” and select Michiko Inagaki. The certified means that the qualities of the aizome and the kyo-nui products were certified by Indigo industrial organization or Japanese traditional craftsmen, respectively.

If you have a question, please contact to Twitter(X) DM (RANKT Pool Twitterhttps://twitter.com/Satoshi15121937) or Mail(ranktpoolranket2@gmail.com).

how to receive the product after purchasing NFTNFT購入後の製品受け取り方法

When you want to receive real items, please contact us within 6 months after first purchase. For example, the first purchase performed at June 2023, the limit to receive items will be December 2023. Please be careful that the second market does not guarantee the 6 months exchange terms. Of course, we will pay effort to keep the condition of the items, however there is a possibility of accident in long term. So if you cannot receive items within 6 month please contact us. The represented receive methods are as follows.

To receive at Yoshinogawa city

Please contact togive.local.tokushima@gmail.com, you can get the items the place informed by e-mail. At the place, please send NFTs to the designated wallet.

To receive by the delivery service including international service.

Please contact to Twitter(X) DM (RANKT Pool Twitterhttps://twitter.com/Satoshi15121937) or Mail(ranktpoolranket2@gmail.com). We will inform the designated wallet. After confirmation of the NFTs transaction, we will start the delivery process. In this case, sometimes you have to pay delivery service fee. Also sometimes, international partner will help this process.

The Japanese Traditional Crafts NFT Project is a project adopted by Catalyst (a funding program on Cardano).
We also receive support from RANKT Pool and PSPJ Pool (Project Support Pool Japan).
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or if you are thinking of donating to this project, please consider entrusting it to the PSPJ Pool.
We also accept donations via ADA and Cardano Token.
We look forward to the cooperation of those who agree with the spread of Cardano through regional revitalization and the revitalization of traditional crafts.

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